We are delighted to be collaborating with Starling for our inaugural micro-residency programme. This year over the LitCrawl weekend six young writers are being hosted by five Wellington galleries: City Gallery, Enjoy, Meanwhile, Bartley + Co Art, Bowen Galleries. The writers are being supported by the galleries, LitCrawl and some very generous micro-residency patrons who have come together to offer them time and space to work.

You can hear about their experience at the LitCrawl session called 'Starling: Meet the Residents'.

Our 2018 Starling residents are:

Aimee-Jane Anderson-O'Connor, who will be in residence at Bartley + Co to work towards the completion of her first collection of poems.

Eleanor Rose King Merton, who will be in residence at Meanwhile Gallery to work on new poems investigating the geological, domestic and autobiographical, as well as engaging with the works in the gallery space.

Isabelle McNeur, who will be in residence at Enjoy Gallery to work on her YA novel Fistfights, which revolves around a group of unlikely friends who start a fight club at their all-girls high school.

Rebecca Hawkes and essa may ranapiri, who will be in residence at the City Gallery to work on a collaborative book tentatively titled eater be eaten, which draws from the work of painters like Adrian Cox and Marianne North, as well as Alex Garland’s film adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s novel Annihilation.

Ruby Solly, who will be in residence at Bowen Galleries to work on expanding a suite of poems entitled Toku Pāpā, concerning how a Māori identity is explored and nourished through family connections and the tensions and releases that this provides."

Thank you to our micro-residency patrons: Elizabeth Heritage, and three anonymous donors.