Welcome to Verb

Last night we launched Verb Wellington… our new name to describe the small universe of literary activity that we are committed to creating.

LitCrawl is still very much alive and well - LitCrawl is now part of Verb Festival which happens between 6 - 10 November 2019. The LitCrawl will happen on Saturday 9 November and we can’t wait.

Verb Wellington is an evolution that grew out of a demand on LitCrawl: “The demand on LitCrawl grew so much every year that we far overshot that initial Saturday night-only Crawl and ended up with a four day festival of over 50 events in 2018.” says Verb director, Claire Mabey. “The natural next step was to give that larger programme a name of its own of which our LitCrawl is now a part”.

As well as the Verb Festival (annual writers festival, every November) Verb will present writers events throughout the year and are developing Verb Residencies, an extension of the micro-residency programme they set up in 2018.

As part of Verb Wellington’s mission to champion Aotearoa writers, Claire Mabey announced at the launch last night that the Verb Festival 2019 guest curators are Hana Pera Aoake and Mya Morrison-Middleton who together are the collective known as Fresh and Fruity. ‘Hana and Mya are bringing their voices, their ideas, their artistic community, influences and conversations. We are so excited to be working with them.’ More guest curators will be announced in the coming months.

In more announcements still New Zealand Festival Creative Director Marnie Karmelita also announced a new partnership that will see Verb leading the curation of the Festival’s Writers and Readers programme in 2020.

‘The New Zealand Festival is passionate about supporting the artistic and literary landscape of Wellington and especially those people who work within it, so joining forces with Verb around our Writers programme makes perfect sense. It will allow Verb to tackle a different style and scale of programming within the environment of a major festival, and we know they’ll rise to the occasion magnificently bringing their fresh and engaging approach. We’re thrilled to have their expertise and love of writers and ideas on our team and we can’t wait to start working with them.’ said Karmelita.

‘We could not be more honoured to take on this role.’ said Mabey. ‘We have so much love and respect for NZ Festival’s writers and readers legacy and we can’t wait to contribute to the next stage in that programme’s evolution.’

The Verb Events programme kicks off next month with podcast legend The Allusionist. In May UK poet Luke Wright and Irish novelist John Boyne will continue the series. See Verb Events here.