Newbies to LitCrawl

LitCrawl gets bigger and better every year, and this time round is no exception! For our fifth birthday we thought we’d introduce some new additions to our fabulous crawl.


First up... something for the kids! LitCrawl is definitely not limited to adult literary enthusiasts, so we have two events the kids enjoy. This year LitCrawl has teamed up with Annual 2 and Wellington Central Library for the first ever KidsCrawl! Bring the kids along and hunt down a story using the KidsCrawl map. This event features Bill Manhire, David Larsen, Giselle Clarkson, Michael Petherick, Susan Paris, Gavin Mouldy, Kate Camp and Logan Patrick. (registrations essential).

Then on Sunday 11 November bring the kids to a special free event on Te Tiriti o Waitangi at National Library. This event is an interactive exploration of the amazing graphic book created by the wonderful Toby Morris (illustrator) and Kate Potter (educator). They share what they learned about Te Tiriti through making this awesome book. Details here!

Beth Brash credit Sean Golding.jpg

Secondly... If you’re a foodie (who isn’t) and spend your days fantasising about what you’re next meal is going to be, you won’t want to miss this one! Wellington food guru, blogger and author of The Cuba Street Project, Beth Brash takes you on a ‘FoodCrawl’ down our iconic Cuba Street. Meet the talented people behind the deliciousness that is our capital city and see the many faces that make up the character of Cuba Street. Get inspired by Wellingtons food scene and let your taste-buds burst while you mosey through the vibrant streets of wellington.

Last but not least, festivities continue in the ‘Badass Bitches of Wellington’ walking tour. Historian Jessie Bray Sharpin travels back in time to celebrate some of the capital’s almost-forgotten historical heroines. Worlds collide where, Jessie invites us to explore everyday lives of people that might have been forgotten or need their stories told. To get a sneak peak into this tour we ask Jessie a few questions.


Q: Who is Wellingtons biggest 'badass bitch' from the past no longer with us, and who is the biggest 'badass bitch' living in the present day?

Jessie: One thing that I can never do with my historic women talks and tours is choose a top lady! They’re all so inimitable and inspiring in their own way; some for doing hugely important, pioneering actions and some simply for their ability simply to lead so-called ‘normal’ lives in difficult circumstances (12 children, anyone?).

Obviously Jacinda is way up there, but the women I would talk about if I wasn’t such a stone-cold history nerd and was doing a tour of Badass Bitches of the present day, would be the women I know personally who are just going about their business being fucking amazing: My housemate who is writing papers for her MA but still has time to bring me tea in bed every morning and is honestly the smartest and most caring woman I know. My work colleague who has been accepted for the 2019 Michael King Writers Centre residency. A close friend who played a leading role in a show for Circa Theatre recently, straight after organising a conference with 1200+ attendees. The women in my book club: a first-time mum, an engineer, a published author, partner of a law firm.

Q: What can we expect from the badass bitches tour?

Jessie: This year is Suffrage 125, so there will be a definite suffrage theme to our history quest, from petition-signers to parliament-addressers. The tour is going to share tidbits of Wellington history in a way you haven’t experienced before: we’ll be looking at sites and buildings that link to certain Wellington wahine, but we’ll also be speeding past them (via the shoelace express) to the next bar that has the appropriate beverage waiting, one that matches the next woman on our journey.

Get your walking shoes on (or stilettos!) and put yourself in the shoes of those who came before us! If you are feeling badass, grab your tickets to any of these new events here.