Musicians of LitCrawl

LitCrawl may be a literary festival, but it also showcases musical performance and discussions. Music is another form of storytelling, as much as the poetry, novels and journals that make up the rest of the programme. This year we have a number of music-infused events in both the main crawl and the extended programme including a Songwriter session with Nadia Reid, music from Eva Prowse in the Dead Ladies Show.

Nadia Reid is a New Zealand folk singer/songwriter whose journey of self-discovery is captured in her two albums, Listen to Formation Look for the Signs and Preservation. From Wellington to Kuala Lumpur, Nadia has travelled widely in the time between her debut LP and her newest album, Preservation, and considers this as a time of self-acceptance. Her music is an expression of this journey overall, her physical journey throughout her life, and the figurative one in which she becomes better acquainted with herself. Nadia will be speaking in greater depth about her music and life with Nick Bollinger during the Songwriter session at Alistair’s Music, Saturday 10th November 8:30pm.

Eva Prowse is a multi-faceted musician, who can provide vocals, guitar and violin across multiple genres. She has written and performed multiple songs and albums, finding inspiration in the 80s, 90s and the all-important Spice Girls. Over time, she has developed a great love of the synth sound and mashing up genres, creating folk albums with pop sensibilities and funky electro-pop sound. From London to Christchurch, Eva has written and performed kooky yet soulful music, performing with the NZ group Fly My Pretties at the Byron Bay Blues Fest and writing with fellow NZ musician Henry Marks during her time in London. Eva will be providing the music at The Dead Ladies Show at San Fran, Sunday 11th November 7:30pm.

Other fantastic events of the musical persuasion include Lit-Sync for Your Life, Offerings of Anger and Faith and the LitCrawl After Party.